In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Apple Valley Kiwanis Foundation Committee The Committee will meet and advise the Board of Directors, in such matters as grant writings, distribution of funds designations. Marketing, Recruitment of sponsors and supporters.
Apple Valley Scholarship Committee Establish an up-to-date, Scholarship Program for the 2016 - 2017 High Scholl years. Must include but not limited, Hours of service that best functions in the Kiwanis Objectives, Review existing program and make necessary changes that would best service the purpose of the said Scholarship applicants toward there future goals.
Board of Directors Board of Directors. Provides leadership in all business and club activities present and future. To be an active team in the full scope of the Kiwanis Club of Apple Valley Vision of its purpose locally and internationally Oversees all committees and Club functions. Seeks out members willing to participate in continuing leadership roles. Appoints a committee no later than the regular Board Meeting in January to nominate candidates for incoming Officers and Board positions. Shall consist of no less than three current club members and shall be chaired by any one of the following Board members: Immediate Past President, Outgoing President, Incoming President.
Community Services Community Services. Responsible for researching, investigating and proposing projects on the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety or help for senior citizens and disabled persons and other Community Service Projects as the Board and Membership should decide to pursue.
Election Committee 2016-2017 This committee will be responsible to organize and establish all the needs and functions of a election committee. Oversight as provided by the Apple Valley Kiwanis Club By-Laws
Fair Activities Define and redirect past policies and practice, Set Goal & Objectives of the Kiwanis Club of Apple Valley: Who, How, Why What, The Apple Valley Kiwanis Club activities to the San Bernardino Fair, Ushering, Art & Photographs Judging and Animal ( Pig) Auction. Define receipts and clubs, such as FFA 4H and other animal clubs associated with the Fair Auction. Submit to the Apple Valley Kiwanis Club Board for consideration.
Finance and Fundraising Responsible for preparing a budget of estimated income and expenses for submission to the Board of Directors, to be submitted to the Board of Directors no later than the regular Board meeting in September, as well as any recommendations it may have on financial matters of the club. Oversees fundraising activities, considers new Youth and Community Service projects submitted to the Club. Chair is held by the Treasurer and should consist of no fewer than three Club members in good standing.
Installation Dinner 2016 This committee will meet and plan the current year's succession of Officers and Board of Directors. Dinner, venue location and awards, oversight will be provided by the out-going President.
Key Clubs Committee This committee will work together as a team. Provide a supportive inter-active team to both Granite Hills and Apple Valley High schools. Each member will be required to have a certification of a background check on record with the Kiwanis Club of Apple Valley, according to both International Kiwanis and Apple Valley Kiwanis By-Law requirements, in regards to working with minors ages 17 or younger.
Membership Growth and Education Responsible for retention and increasing membership. The committee considers all membership applications and submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors. Encourage and build all AV Kiwanis committees. Through encouragement , education and new membership.To consider, plan and propose New membership drives, social activities for Club members and guest.
Program Committee Responsible for providing the most effective, informative and entertaining club meeting possible. Investigates and recommends changes to meeting format and location. The chair is responsible for programs, but may delegate that responsibility as necessary or desired. Plans and arranges “Interclub” visits to other Kiwanis Clubs in region 38. Determines when the regular meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Apple Valley should be cancelled (when the regular meeting would fall on a holiday or immediately following). A “round table” shall not be considered a regular meeting but as a social gathering without conducting business matters.
Sponsored Youth and Young Children: Priority One Sponsored Youth and Young Children: Priority One. Responsible for devising ways and means to establish and support Kiwanis Kids programs in elementary schools, Builders Clubs in junior high or middle school, Key Clubs in high schools, Circle K International clubs in the universities and colleges and Aktion Clubs for adults with disabilities. Investigates and recommends options for the Club to interact with and support local, National and International Youth Organizations such as, but not limited to, Girl and Boy Scouts, Explorers, FFA, 4H and Girls and Boys Clubs. Young Children: Priority One (YCPO) addresses the needs of young children.